3 Practical Strategies to 
Help Mothers Move Beyond
Coping & Surviving to Healing & Thriving
after their child departs this life by their own hand
Begin the journey of reclaiming 
personal power, purpose, & peace below
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About Me
Hi I’m Melissa Mitchell, founder of Sole to Soul Holistic Wellness and Soul Empowered Healing for Mothers Surviving the Loss of her Child when they depart their life by their own hand. 

For 15 years, my focus has been on assisting women to reclaim and develop 
their best version of self and optimal well-being on all levels. Life as I knew it was forever altered in 2015 by the loss of my son. Through the journey of my own grief and healing, I now understand that these catastrophic events serve a broader purpose in our Human Life Experience and Soul Journey and can be the catalyst for profound personal change and evolution on all levels.
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